3 Pack of Metallic Looking Silicone Rubber Wedding Band Rings

Silicone Rubber Wedding Band Rings:

Silicone Wedding Ring For Women and Men By ROQ, Metalic Looking With Artistic Unique Patterns Silicone Rubber Bands, 2 x 3 packs – 5mm Women and 8mm Men
by ROQ

PREMIUM MATERIAL – Medical grade, Hypoallergenic
OPTIMIZED DIMENSIONS – Width 8mm Thickness 2mm
STYLISH COLORS AND PATTERNS – Each Ring Enhance The Others, Perfect Combination, Unique Artistic Patterns – each ring is different, there is no similar pair worldwide

Product Description
High-quality affordable silicone wedding rings from ROQ house.

We have created for you awesome metal looks silicone rubber rings with the unique design that will make you feel special. We are 100% sure that you will get many compliments no matter where you are with those amazing rings.
We believe in a great customer service and will be available for your questions 24/8

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