DIY: 3 “Love Ring” Styles

Love ring:

I’ve been slacking for the past couple of Fridays, I have been so busy and barely had time to edit. It has been a long time but I am back with a new video! It is a do it yourself love ring tutorial. I came up with three styles of love rings that I am going to show you how to make today. All the supplies were bought at Michael’s Arts and Crafts but I am sure you can find them at any art & crafts supply stores. I bought my plier set for about ($10) ten bucks and the rose gold wire that I used is about ($5) five dollars. The first ring is the basic love ring. The second has a cursive “o” and the ends are twisted to close the ring. The third ring, the word love is at the end and the wire wraps around. I like wearing the third ring as a knuckle ring more than a regular ring. It is pretty easy to make if you are a beginner at working with jewelry making tools and wire like I am it will take you a few tries but play around with it and you will do awesome!

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