Top 10 The Amazing Princess Diana’s Jewels Collection

The tiara was first owned by the Queen’s grandmother, Mary, and is made from 19 pearl drops and assorted that all came from pieces of jewelry given to her as wedding presents.
18th century, but was a mishmash of assorted tiaras that the Spencer family had owned — finalized as the piece Diana wore in the 1980s.
Diana’s diamond Prince of Wales feather pendant was a wedding gift from the Queen Mother, and Diana wore it on its own or with an emerald cabochon drop.
As with a great deal of royal jewelry, they could be worn in different ways, and Diana sometimes wore them with the acorn-sized pearls attached and other times as (slightly) more pared-down diamond floral clusters.
The most impressive set of jewelry Diana owned was given to her as a wedding present by the Saudi royal family. Comprised of the sapphire and diamond necklace, bracelet and, earrings worn here, plus a watch and a ring, the suite was the perfect accompaniment to her new engagement ring.
Diana’s 12-carat sapphire engagement ring came from Asprey and features 14 solitaire diamonds.
The Art Deco choker was made for the Queen’s grandmother and inherited by the Queen, who gave it as a wedding present to Diana. The princess wore it as a choker on many occasions, as well as famously as a headband on a state visit to Australia.
Prince Charles gifted Diana with emerald earrings for her 22nd birthday.
The necklace is one of the most famous pieces that the princess owned because she wore it on her last public engagement before she died. Diana commissioned Garrard to create her a necklace made up of diamonds and five South Sea pearls, and she wore it to a performance of Swan Lake before returning it to the jeweler for adjustments. A pair of matching earrings were also commissioned, but completed after the princess died. She wore the necklace to the ballet with the diamond part of her diamond and South Sea pearl earrings.
Diana loved pearls and she loved chokers, and she wore this piece — made up of over 900 pearls interspersed with rows of diamonds and rubies — on many occasions.
Another gift for the princess from a Middle Eastern royal family was a geometric diamond necklace, earrings, and bracelet. The set was given to her by the Sultan of Oman during a visit to the country in 1986.
When Charles and Diana attended the Cannes film festival in 1987, all eyes were on the princess’ jaw-dropping sparklers — whopping pear-shaped aquamarines, surrounded by diamonds and suspended from a diamond flower cluster.
One of Diana’s most wow-pieces was this iconic sapphire, diamond, and pearl choker. The whopping sapphire is surrounded by two rows of diamonds and was originally a brooch given to Diana by the Queen Mother as a wedding present. The princess wore it several times as it was intended before having it transformed into the centerpiece of a seven-strand pearl choker.

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